sabato 17 dicembre 2011

200. Ultima Puntata.

200esima e ultima puntata di Calimero. Ad oltranza ripercorrendo i 5 anni di trasmissione, ospiti in studio e live con i Richard End Alfred da Radio Fragola.

smashing pumpkins - we only come out at night (nuova sigla per 1 puntata)
here we go magic - fangela
clap your hands say yeah - in this home on ice
the pains of being pure at heart - heart in your heartbreak
televise - i don't know why
headlights - market girl
Richard End Alfred LIVE
elefant - tonight let's dance
windsor for the derby - melody of a fallen tree

diaframma - siberia
litfiba - il racconto di enea
stranglers - the raven
gang of four - what we all want
wire - the 15th
Richard End Alfred LIVE
gun club - sex beat
siouxsie and the banshees - hong kong garden
soft cell - tainted love
the faith healers - s.o.s.
buzzcocks - promises

OMD - electricity
duran duran - planet heart
japan - quiet life
gary numan - cars
Richard End Alfred LIVE
the cars - drive
freur - doot doot
the smiths - there is a light that never goes out

pixies - the navajo know
the horrors - sea within a sea
ride - decay
my bloody valentine - what you want
Richard End Alfred LIVE
motorpsycho - vortex surfer
depeche mode - stripped
new order - blue monday
mahogany - supervitesse
cold cave - love comes close
suicide - cheree
PG set
sister of mercy - temple of love
DAF - der mussolini
the cure - a strange day
the chameleons - here today
cccp - punk islam
virgin prunes - pagan lovesong
killing joke - wardance
joy division - isolation
neon - lobotomy

bonnie prince billy - at the break of day

joy division - love will tear us apart

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